TTC Naturally and Consultation

The most comprehensive way to boost your fertility and make sure the changes you need to make work for you.

  • Take the TTC Naturally course first: learn everything you need to know to improve your fertility.

  • The course and consultation focus on improving your egg quality and hormone balance, the best and only ways to maximize your fertility.

  • Schedule 2 consultations, 1 hour each with your instructor, Dr. Lisa Grant OMD, FABORM. In these sessions, we'll create a personalized fertility plan that works with your specific needs, history, diagnosis and issues.

  • Session 1: Building a personalized fertility plan part I. Includes comprehensive records/testing review, additional testing suggestions, building emotional health (includes addressing fertility anxiety/upset), discussing fertility options, meal planning, questions you have

  • Session II: Personalized fertility plan part II. Includes recommended supplements based on your specific needs, a manageable workout plan, additional testing review, actual ovulation window review, OR specific recommendations for IVF cycle, changes your partner can make

  • Start making changes, confident that you have the personalized, professional knowledge it takes to reset your fertility!

  • Learn how to tame stress, feel better, reduce your fertility anxiety and upset. Transform yourself from tired, wired and worried to energetic, calm and empowered.